Bernedoodle energy needs: how do we provide the right exercise and stimulation for your Bernedoodle?

Owner's question

"Hello! I have a Bernedoodle dog and I noticed that he is very active and energetic. Since we live in an apartment, I am concerned that he is not getting enough exercise and mental challenge. How often should I walk him and what activities would you recommend to keep him mentally healthy?"

Vet's detailed answer:

"Hi! You asked a very important question because Bernedoodle dogs are indeed very active and intelligent and regular physical exercise and mental stimulation is essential for them.

Bernedoodle dogs are extremely energetic, so they may need several hours of exercise a day.

This could be long walks, runs, playing in the dog park or even agility training. This is not only necessary to maintain their physical health, but also to maintain their mental health, as physical activity helps to release excess energy and prevents anxiety and destructive behaviour.

In addition, Bernedoodle dogs are very intelligent, so they also need mental stimulation.

Try to introduce toys and activities that work their brains, such as search-based toys, developmental toys, or even teaching tricks and command words.

Every dog is unique and their exercise needs can vary based on age, health, and personality! Your vet can also help you determine exactly how much activity is enough for your dog.

Bernedoodle dogs need regular and varied physical and mental stimulation. This will help them live a happy, healthy and balanced life!"

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