Bernedoodle dog grooming: How to care for your dog’s long coat?

Owner's question:

"Welcome! I have a Bernedoodle dog and I am having difficulty managing his long, curly coat. What can I do to prevent tangles and ensure that his coat stays healthy and clean?"

Vet's detailed answer:

"Hi! You have asked a very good question, as caring for a Bernedoodle breed is a serious task for its owner. Bernedoodle dogs have long, curly coats that are prone to tangling and felting if not groomed regularly.

Firstly, Bernedoodle dogs' coats should be brushed regularly, preferably daily.

This helps prevent the formation of tangles and felts and helps maintain a healthy coat.

When brushing, it is important to brush thoroughly through all layers as most tangles form deep in the coat. Use a special brush designed for curly-haired dogs and be careful not to pull the hair.

Secondly, Bernedoodle dogs also need regular bathing and clipping.

Always use conditioner after bathing to soften the coat and improve manageability.

Clipping should usually be done every 6-8 weeks.

When clipping, make sure that the length of the coat is comfortable for the dog and that it is properly insulated from the cold weather.

Finally, remember to groom the hair around the mouth and between the legs regularly as these areas are prone to dirt.

Grooming your ABernedoodle's coat requires a serious commitment, but regular brushing, bathing and clipping will keep the coat healthy and beautiful!"

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