American Foxhound and Hunting Instinct Control: Training Tips and Strategies

Dog owner question:

"I have an American Foxhound, Max, who has a very strong hunting instinct. Any small animal he spots, he immediately goes after it, and it is only with great difficulty that I can call him back. How can I control this instinct and keep Max safe?"

Answer from a dog psychologist:

"It's great that Max has such a strong hunting instinct, as the American Foxhound breed is prized for this very hunting ability. However, it is understandable that this can cause anxiety in everyday life.

Here are some strategies you can try:

Intensive basic training: make sure Max is aware of basic commands such as'come‘,'sit‘,'stay‘, and'no‘. These will help you to control Max and maintain control in situations where his hunting instinct might give way.

Walking on a lead. Longer, flexible leashes allow Max to explore his environment while you can still control him.

Mental and energy drain. Try to find games and activities that satisfy Max’s hunting instincts without putting him in danger. Search and rescue games, agility training, or running wheels can be great.

Expert help. A dog trainer or behaviourist can help with this.

Final Thoughts.

Remember, the goal is not to suppress this instinct, but to give it space in a safe and controlled way!

It will take a lot of patience and consistency, but eventually Max will understand the rules."

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