American Bulldog and The Obesity Challenge: Healthy Weight Management Strategies

Dog owner question:

"My American Bulldog, Bruno, is prone to obesity. Unfortunately, he has become overweight on several occasions, despite my efforts to feed him a healthy diet and exercise him regularly. Being overweight makes it difficult for him to exercise and I am concerned that it could cause health problems in the long term. What are some ways I can better control his weight?"

Answer from a dog psychologist:

"American Bulldogs are prone to overweight and obesity, which can cause serious health problems such as joint disease, heart and respiratory problems, and diabetes.

But don't worry, there are ways that can help you control your weight properly:

  1. Proper Nutrition: Quality dog food is important, but more important is proper rationing. The feeding instructions on the packaging are a good starting point, but every dog is unique and their nutritional needs may vary. Consult a vet or nutritionist to determine Bruno’s personal calorie needs.
  2. Regular Exercise. This not only helps with weight management, but also improves overall health and behaviour.
  3. Weight Management Food: If Bruno is overweight, consider a lower calorie or “weight management” dog food. These foods are formulated to contain fewer calories but still provide adequate amounts of nutrients for dogs.
  4. Health Check. Regular health checks and weight monitoring can help with early diagnosis and treatment.

Achieving and maintaining a healthy weight is important for Bruno's health and happiness.

Remember, change doesn't happen overnight, but with persistence and the right methods, Bruno's weight can stay in the right range!"