Silent Pain: Spondylosis in the Russell Terrier Dog

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Dog owner question: "Hello! My Russell Terrier dog, named Loki, has been much quieter and calmer than usual lately. I have noticed that he has been avoiding playing and running around. Or rather, he sometimes moans when he gets up or goes to bed. What could be the problem?" Vet's answer: "Hi! Based on the … Read more

Guide to Off-Leash Dog Walking

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You've probably noticed how happy it makes your dog when you let go of the leash and he can run free. However, it can also cause some challenges, especially if your dog tends to forget about restraints and rules when he's free. But don't be alarmed! With proper preparation and teaching, your dog can learn … Read more

Dog Psychologist – Understanding Dog Psychology: Roles, Methods and Future Trends in the Treatment of Dog Behavioural Problems

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The role of the dog psychologist The role of the dog psychologist is multidimensional. Most importantly, the dog psychologist has a comprehensive understanding of the dogs' behaviour, mental state and mindset. Their work involves observing dogs, interpreting their body language and listening to their owners to understand what may be behind different behavioural patterns. One … Read more

Is your dog dreaming? – The background to dogs’ dream whimpers

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Dog owners often notice strange behaviours while their dog sleeps, such as leg twitching, eyeball movements and even whining. Like humans, dogs dream and this dreaming can be the source of their whining. But why does your dog whine in his sleep? Stay tuned for a better understanding of the phenomenon of dogs whimpering in … Read more

Loud signs of pain in your dog: when to worry?

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If your pet is in pain, we'd love it if they could tell us what's wrong. Because dogs can't talk, they use their body language and voice to express themselves. In this article, we will look at the sounds your dog can make when it is in pain. Whining and Whimpering Whining and whimpering are … Read more

Dog barking: when is it normal and when is it too much?

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Barking is a natural and normal behaviour. However, sometimes the barking can be too much, causing problems for the owner and neighbours. Understanding when it's normal and when it's too much will help you to manage the situation better! When is dog barking normal? Dogs bark for many reasons. Here are some examples of when … Read more